‘It’s pioneering, close to home, provides food for your soul and connects you to kindred spirits. Result!’

Founder Member 2019

Nothing quite like it in Exeter

Audience Member 2019

Do you have a passion for intelligent live events that make you think?

Would you like to experience more of these events on your doorstep?

Our Founder Members are supporters of arts and culture, who believe that stimulating and provocative live events can foster fresh ideas and grow new kinds of relationships.

‘It’s exciting knowing that you have helped bring amazing live performance to Exeter, and you don’t have to remember buy a ticket!’

Founder Member 2019

You cannot anticipate what will happen, but it will be utterly convivial and thought provoking, and you will be very thankful you showed up.

Founder Member 2019

Do you want to share your thoughts, interests or advocacy with others?

Our membership gatherings will offer you the chance to meet with like-minded people, in welcoming and intelligently curated settings.

Membership for SCARE THE HORSES 2019 has now closed, and will reopen towards the end of the year. Sign up to our mailing list to be updated on our 2019 events and upcoming programme for 2020.

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